Lustful Hunter Returns

June 11, 2017
60 FPS
Starring: Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis VR porn will show you that sex does not require any games but is just a way to ease the horniness.

This babe was looking hot from the start of that day. Wearing the tightest shorts you have ever seen, and a sexy crop top, that made her tits way more perky than they usually are, Lisa was simply stunning. What you soon found out is that this outfit was based on her humor – and she was horny today. Soon, this cutie decided to put on a great show when she stripped down her clothes and started playing with herself. Of course, you would never let her do that alone, so there was your chance to bang. In the next few moments, you found yourself sitting before her, seeing how this sex goddess sucks your soldier. After a while, there was a time to grind, and Lisa chose to ride you. This is what we love about Russian VR porn.

What makes Lisa Davis VR scenes stand out from the crowd?

As we mentioned before, it is her straightforwardness. From the start of her performance, you will be exposed to having fun with her pussy. Luckily, she is not selfish and will want you to feel her tightness too. From anal, to cowgirl, this babe is capable of anything that comes up to her mind. Yet, you will probably start by sticking two fingers up her hole and playing a bit with oral sex. This Interactive VR porn video will take you on a journey, where your body will be able to feel pleasure not only in the physical sense. Feeling Lisa’s mouth grip on the cock of yours can provide you with an unexpected reaction, that can almost feel like a spiritual healing! You can’t miss out on that opportunity.

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