Locker Room Incident 2

Feb. 11, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Avery Black, Hime Marie
Everybody knows that if you want to hear or see something interesting and even spicy, you have to stay low and quiet. For me, it never worked that way. All the most exciting adventures and situations happened to me by accident. I mean, I never plan to be a witness to something, but it happens to me. So, I was minding my business in the locker room when I heard a couple of girls talking. Sure, I got interested and decided to hide to spy on the cuties. I love watching girls, especially hotties like Hime Marie VR star and Avery Black VR idol. I was listening to them talk and watching them change clothes when I accidentally gave myself away. Do you think they got angry at me? Oh, yes, sure, they did, but only in the beginning. They noticed the hard-on in my pants and realized they could use the situation to everybody’s pleasure. Of course, Hime Marie and Avery Black could quarrel for a chance to play with my dick, but they decided a Threesome game would become a more interesting experience. And they were so right: a double Blowjob, a Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl rides, and even a deep Anal fuck became the fantastic continuation of the adventure.

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