Hot Anal with Sporty Babe

May 19, 2024
60 FPS
Starring: Katrina Colt
I love spending my free time in the gym, where I work out regularly. I want to keep the best shape possible and attract ladies’ attention. I don’t talk much with people working out beside me, and I don’t ask any coaches for help because I know exactly what I need to achieve my goal. However, it turned out that Katrina Colt VR queen had been watching me for some time already, and she noticed my dick under my pants. Finally, she came up to me, saying she needed my help. She was wondering if my dick would fit her tight ass and how much her hole would be stretched after an orgasm. Honestly, that was the most unexpected offer I ever got in my life, and I grabbed the chance to dive deep into Katrina Colt’s ass, and who wouldn’t? Anyway, I stopped working out and surrendered to Katrina Colt’s deep throat and, of course, her tight asshole. We started with a Blowjob, then she turned around, opened her butthole, and demanded that I give her deep Anal satisfaction.

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