Doctor's Exam: Ava Stone

Dec. 30, 2023
60 FPS
Starring: Ava Stone
I always wanted to help people, so I chose to become a doctor. I believe that healthy people are happy people, and as sex plays an important role in their lives, I help men and women to improve it and turn it into a fantastic one. Gorgeous Blonde cutie, Ava Stone VR model, entered my office feeling a little bit shy, but I did my best to convince her I didn’t bite unless she asked that. She got relaxed soon, sat back, and told me she hadn’t orgasm for a year already. Sure, I was amazed because this gorgeous, hot, sexy Blonde babe in a tiny outfit looked like a sex goddess. I promised to do everything possible to help Ava Stone VR model. She took off her clothes to show me her boobs and Shaved Pussy so I could explore them and give a recommendation. She wanted to get a recipe, but I decided to act a little bit differently. I checked her pussy and clit with my experienced fingers, making Ava Stone VR model admit she never had a check-up like that. This was just the first step of our journey into the orgasm world. Pussy Licking game, Missionary fuck on the medical chair, and the Doggy Style ending helped the patient to recover completely.

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