Anal At The Pool

Feb. 9, 2017
60 FPS
Starring: Sarah Kay
Sara Kay headed down to the pool in her building to take a dip and relax. When she got there and saw this guy kicking back, she thought he was hot so she made a move. As she danced for him and rubbed his chest with her hands, he started enjoying the show, then she stripped her clothes off and rubbed her tight, shaved pussy. Giving him some head and a handjob, she had him rock hard in minutes then before he could even ask what her plan was, she slammed herself down on his dick, taking every inch deep inside her. He didn’t even know her name, but he grabbed her ass and squeezed when she spun around and took his dick deep in her ass. He fucked her pussy and her ass then nutted on her pretty face. Best pool time ever!

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