TheHandy Help


Can a script be downloaded ?

Yes, you can download a script and use it with a full resolution file. Here's how to do it:

  • Connect your VR headset to your computer with a USB cable.
  • Drop your video and a script file into the file system of the VR headset.
    • Move a file to the Download folder for easy browsing.
    • Make sure your video and script files have the same name.
      Most Handy-compatible video players will automatically detect a script file and send it to TheHandy if it has the same name as the video.
      For example:
      • RealJamVR_Your_Favorite_Scene_1920p_LR_180.mp4
      • RealJamVR_Your_Favorite_Scene_1920p_LR_180.funscript
  • On your VR headset, use your preferred video player to select your video file from the file system.
    (We have tested playback and Handy compatibility with Pigasus and DeoVR players)
  • Play and enjoy!

Is a script made by a human or is generated by AI ?

The first part of the process involves an AI tool, and afterward, we review each detail and make the necessary adjustments manually. We have a team of experts responsible for this.

Is there a download limit ?

You have unlimited scripts downloads.

Is it possible to download the full script, or is it token-based?

We employ a token-based system to prevent unauthorized distribution of the script. Once downloaded, the token-activated script remains active for 14 days. To continue using the script beyond this period, you must download and activate it again for another 14 days.