Featuring: Stacy Cruz
43:30 min
   April 30, 2019,
Your girlfriend Stacy Cruz has a very special surprise for you. You know that pole in the middle of the living room? Well you hot little girlfriend learned to use it and she's about to put on a show for you. Sit back and let her tease you before she finally gives in to her own desires and crawls across the floor to free your cock. Taking it deep in your mouth, you'll stare in ecstasy as she gives you the perfect blowjob in virtual reality, all before spreading her legs and riding you like the wild cowgirl that she really is deep inside. And, of course, how could we forget about the bottle of oil that she's going to spread all over her tits so that you can run your hands over them? There's nothing she wouldn't do for you, so let Stacy Cruz prove just how far she's willing to satisfy her man.
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