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Google Daydream Help

Please use DeoVR to watch our VR videos on your Google DayDream. At this point, there's no official app from Google, but DeoVR will do it's job, because it is a simple, high-performance VR video player for 2D, 3D, flat, 180° and 360° videos.

  1. Disable NFC

    In your Android Settings, disable NFC (found in "More" under Wireless & Networks). This will prevent the Daydream enviroment from launching when you put your device in the headset.

  2. Visit RealJamVR and download a VR video

    Visit in your mobile browser (Google Chrome) and login to your RealJamVR account. Select and download the DayDream format you would like to see. Videos are saved in your download folder by default.

  3. Play a VR video in DeoVR

    The DEO VR main menu includes your file management and video player options. Select the file folder in the main navigation to explore your Smartphone and open the previously downloaded VR video.

DeoVR enables you to play VR videos in different formats. Please, select the 180 degree and SBS options to fully enjoy our VR videos in the correct format.