PlayStation VR Help

  1. Visit RealJamVR and download a VR video

    Visit in your PC's browser and login to your RealJamVR account. Select and download the Playstation format. Save your selected video file to your PC.

  2. Insert your USB and create LITTLSTAR directory

    Insert the exFAT formatted USB drive into a USB slot on your PC. Open the drive using File Explorer and create a new directory called "LITTLSTAR"

  3. Copy/Move the downloaded VR video

    Copy the downloaded VR video to your correctly formatted USB drive. Videos must be located in the "LITTLSTAR" folder to play.


    Open up the LittlStar VR Cinema app while wearing your PlayStation VR headset (make sure it's turned on!)

    The LITTLSTAR main menu includes a "Library" option. Select Library then click the applicable USB drive listed to the left. Open the LITTLSTAR directory on the USB drive and select the desired VR video.

  5. Enjoy!