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Featuring: Lady Dee
44:00 min

They say that all girls love getting fresh flowers, especially roses. Well, it is time to check that out. Dude cages his glam dark-haired hottie and makes her sniff the flowers before spanking her with the bouquet. Yes, thorns and petals, soft skin and firm butt that mixture is a really exciting one. Finally, the chick goes down on all fours and gets ready for a hard fingering and fucking action that will surely satisfy the dude’s needs and maybe will give her a couple of orgasms as well.

Featuring: Stacy Cruz
42:30 min

Sweet babe dreamed about pole dancing for a long time and she, finally, bought herself a pole for her birthday. So it is time to test the pole and she puts on a sexy outfit, makes her boyfriend sit down into a comfy armchair and tells him to get ready for a fantastic scene. Cutie shakes her butt, rubs her long legs but suddenly gets her back oiled. She does not expect that and first feels angry even but later loves her lover’s nasty idea. In order to bring the action to the new level, hottie opens her holes and tells her boyfriend to oil her clean shaved pussy and asshole.

Featuring: Angel Wicky
40:00 min

Chess is a very popular game in different countries of the world but people usually think that only clever men can play it and that blondes are too silly to memorize the rules of the game. Well, maybe this busty blonde will never become a grand master but she definitely knows something very special about the game. Anyway, lovers keep playing chess till the cutie realizes that she is at the deadlock. So, in order to get out of that embarrassing position on the chessboard, she hides a king between her big boobs and kneels to take a dick into her mouth.

Everybody knows you need to pay the rent if you want to live in your apartment and if you fail to do so you will be evicted. Sexy blonde has no money to pay the rent and she tries to find a way to make the landlord forgive the debt. At first she tries to threaten him but, when even this does not help, she takes off her clothes and offers her three holes as a rent payment. This is when her hot daughter comes back home and decides to help her desperate mom and to make a fucking contribution.