Oculus Rift Help

  1. Install the Oculus Runtime for Windows

    If you already have your Oculus Rift set up, skip to Step 2

    Download and install the Oculus Runtime for Windows for your computer, if you haven't already from https://developer.oculus.com/downloads/

  2. Install Virtual Desktop

    Download and install Virtual Desktop from http://www.vrdesktop.net

  3. Download a RealJam VR Video

    Download a RealJam VR video to your computer.

  4. Open Virtual Desktop

    Open the Virtual Desktop software and click on the Videos tab

  5. Switch the Video Modes

    Switch the Video Mode to Side by Side, and switch Projection to Dome (180°)

  6. Launch the video

    Click "OPEN" and select the RealJam scene you want to play.

    The navigation window will disappear when after you stop moving your cursor. You can bring it back to seek or pause by moving your mouse.

    If things seem like they're in the wrong place, face forward and hit F4 on your keyboard to Reset Orientation.