iPhone Help

  1. Get Mobile VR Station from the AppStore

    Unlock Mobile VR Station on your iOS Device (only available on your iOS device)

  2. Download a RealJam VR video

    Use your computer to download a video from RealJamVR.

    Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes.

  3. Copy the RealJam VR video to your iPhone

    Inside iTunes, select your iPhone, select Apps, then select the Mobile VR Station app. Drag the RealJam VR video you downloaded into the Documents box.

    The status bar up top will say it's copying them to your iPhone. When you are finished copying, you can disconnect your iPhone.

  4. Open VR Station on your iPhone

    Choose "Browse Content", choose "Drives", then "Documents".

    Change the playback mode to "3D 180 Dome Side By Side" by clicking the Information icon.

  5. Headset Up

    Place your iPhone inside your headset.