iPhone Help

  1. Install DEO VR on your iOS device

    Please, install the iOS version of DEO VR. Once installed, you can access DEO VR from a shortcut on your iPhone.

  2. Download a RealJamVR video

    Use your computer to download a video from RealJamVR.

  3. Copy the RealJamVR video to your iPhone

    Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and launch iTunes.

    Go to your device info by clicking a smartphone icon on the top left of the screen.

    Navigate to "File sharing" tab and click on DEO VR.

    Drag and drop the previously downloaded VR video into the app’s “Downloads” folder.

    Save your changes and make sure to synchronize your changes.

  4. Open DEO VR on your iPhone

    Relaunch the DEO VR app and you will be able to see the added video in the file browser. Start the VR video and insert your phone into the headset.

  5. Enjoy!

    Please visit http://deovr.com/ for more information on DEO VR player.