Samsung GearVR Help

  1. Gear up with your Gear VR

    Your Gear VR will automatically install and update the required player and browser you'll need to download and enjoy RealJamVR scenes. You should already have an active Oculus account at this point.

  2. Download inside or outside of VR*

    Use your Samsung Phone to access and download from in multiple ways:

    In VR, select the Oculus Browser from your Oculus Home menu and enter in the address field provided. Login to your account, select the Gear VR format of the video you like and click "download". Oculus Browser requires permission to access files for downloads.


    Outside of VR, open your mobile browser (Samsung Internet, Google Chrome) and enter in the address field. Login to your account, select the Gear VR format of the desired video and click "download". Videos are saved in your download folder by default.

    *We suggest downloading outside of VR using your mobile browser.

  3. View the downloaded VR video file

    Once the download is complete you can view RealJamVR scenes using Oculus Video, Samsung VR or a third party viewer you install like Skybox VR Player. Select your viewer from the Oculus Home menu.

    Samsung VR | Oculus Video | Skybox VR

    In each viewer you can access files saved to your phone.

    In "Samsung VR", select the "Device" icon top/center, then "videos".

    In the Oculus Video App, click "My Videos" from the left navigation.

    In Skybox, local VR videos will appear in "All Videos" or "VR Videos".