Samsung GearVR Help

  1. Create an Oculus account

    If you already have an Oculus account, skip to Step 2

    Insert your Samsung smartphone to your GEAR VR headset for the first time, you will be prompted to remove your mobile device from the headset and create an Oculus account. You will need to verify your email address during the process.

  2. Get SamsungVR

    Insert your device into your headset and open the Oculus App.

    Download the SamsungVR app from the Oculus App.

  3. Download a RealJam VR Video

    You can use your phone or your computer to download a RealJam VR video from the members area.

  4. Copy or move the video files

    Make sure your RealJam VR videos are in the correct folder on your phone.

    Phone\MilkVR or SD Card\MilkVR

    If you downloaded the video on your computer, you'll need to connect your USB cable to copy the file.

    If you downloaded the video on your phone, you'll need to move the file to to the correct folder.

  5. Gear Up!

    Insert your phone back into your GEAR VR, load the SamsungVR app and play the video from the Downloads section.