Android Help

  1. Install VR Player Free

    Download and install VR Player Free

  2. Download a RealJam VR video

    Download a video from RealJamVR to your phone, remember the location where you saved it and don't rename the file.

  3. Change to 3D Format

    Tap on the “2D” icon and switch it to “3D side By Side”

  4. Change to Dome Projection

    Tap on the rectangle icon to open the projections menu and select “Dome”.

  5. Open your video

    Tap the “More” button, choose “Open File” then browse to the RealJamVR scene you would like to watch.

  6. Headset Up

    Place your device inside your headset.

  7. Reset the orientation

    Look straight forward and double tap the screen to Reset Orientation.